Five years Clinical characteristics and in hospital outcome of acute heart failure at tertiary care hospital in Ethiopia

  • Esubalew woldeyes Asfaw St Paul’s hospital millennium medical collage


Background:  Heart failure is a burgeoning problem worldwide, with more than 20 million people affected. This study was done with the aims to determine, etiology, clinical characteristics, management and in hospital outcome of heart failure patients.

Methods : Retrospective patient chart review was conducted at St Paul Hospital Millennium medical college Addis Ababa, Ethiopia .A data of 496 patients admitted with acute heart failure over five years from September 2010 –September 2015 was collected with a pretested data abstraction form and entered and analyzed by SPSS Version 20.

Results: We analyzed medical record of 496 patients admitted with acute heart failure to one of teaching hospital in Ethiopia. The mean age was 47.1±19.4 years, and 57.8% were male. The mean systolic blood pressure  were 107.5±33 mmHg .Rheumatic heart disease (30%) was the most frequent cause of HF. In total 428 of analyzed patients had Echocardiography 136(31.77%)  .ejection fraction  was 40% or less, and ECG result showed atrial fibrillation  in 27.5%. Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors , beta-blockers, and spironolactone prescribed 38.9%,27.9%, and 71% respectively at discharge. In-hospital mortality was 24.4%. The median duration of hospitalization was 11 days. CKD as comorbidity, female sex , and high heart rate at admission was predicators of lower in-hospital survival

Conclusions : In our patients acute heart failure affects  young age and associated with high mortality. Our patients are under investigated and treated. We recommend further large scale multi centered prospective study for better characterization of Ethiopian patients with acute heart failure.

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Esubalew woldeyes Asfaw, St Paul’s hospital millennium medical collage

St Paul’s hospital millennium medical collage Department of intrenal medicine ,cardiologist

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