Hip Ultrasound in Developmental Hip Dysplasia- An Initial experience at a Tertiary Specialized Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Daniel ZEWDNEH SOLOMON Addis Ababa University



Background: Developmental dysplasia of the hip is a congenitalanomaly. Clinical assessment is not effective and efficient as assumed previously, and the role of ultrasound imaging has increased over time and is now employed for screening of neonates. The local literature lacks information. The purpose of this article is to do a preliminary ultrasound assessment of itsstatusamong infants.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in the pediatric unit of the Department of Radiology at TikurAnbessa Specialized Teaching Hospital from August 2018- to February 2019.Participants were selected based on recommended age (4-24 weeks) Hipultrasound was performedusing the Graf static method to measure alpha and beta angles of both hips and measurements were grouped according to the Graf classification. Mean values of alpha and beta angles of both hipsidesand types were analyzed. Independent sample T test was used for analysis where appropriate.

Result:Over the specified period, 65 neonates within the age group 4-24 weekswere scanned. 40(61.5%) were males and 25 (38.5%) females.Graf type II (immature and dysplastic) hips comprised 4.61% for the right hip and 10.7% for the left in males and 4.61% each for both hips in females).Type IV(dislocated) hips comprised 4.61% for the right hip and 1.5% for the left in males and was not identified in females.

Conclusion:The proportion of abnormal hips identified in the study warrants the need for a much larger and more comprehensive study and the use of ultrasound for a wider clinical application or a potential screening strategy is recommended.


Key Words: developmental hip dysplasia, Ultrasound, hip angles


Author Biography

Daniel ZEWDNEH SOLOMON, Addis Ababa University










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