Ewing sarcoma with unusual skull metastasis in a 4-year-old female child: A case report form East Africa

  • Daniel ZEWDNEH Solomon Addis Ababa University


Ewing sarcoma is malignant round cell tumor which is the second most common primary malignant bone tumor in pediatric patients. It presents with pain and swelling but some patients may present with signs and symptoms due to metastasis. The imaging modality preferred for diagnosis is conventional radiography. We present 4-year old female witha locally advanced left tibial Ewing sarcoma with skull, scapula, pleura and pulmonary metastasis from Addis Ababa University, TikurAnbessa Specialized Hospital which to our knowledge is the first of its kind to be reported in Ethiopia. The clinical and imaging findings are discussed.

Author Biography

Daniel ZEWDNEH Solomon, Addis Ababa University
Department of radiology, School of Medicine, health Sciences College, Addis Ababa University



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