Gollop-Wolfgang Complex in an 18 years old female

Case report on a rare clinical condition


  • Seid Mohammed Yasin Addis Ababa University, Black lion hospital


Skeletal dysplasias are disorders associated with a generalized abnormality in the skeleton. The Gollop-Wolfgang complex (GWC) is a limb deficiency disorder and an unusual limb malformation with highly variable manifestations.

Here, I report a rare case of an 18 years old female patient with Gollop-Wolfgang Complex showing bifurcation of the left femur, bilateral hemimelia and ectrodactyly of the ipsilateral foot. The etiology of GWC in this patient could be a familial genetic condition, since she had a younger brother with tibial hemimelia and bilateral cleft hands.

 The clinical and radiographic findings are presented here in detail.