Newborn Care Corner: A Simplified Approach to Providing Optimal Newborn Care Immediately After Birth

Newborn Care Corner

  • 1. Assaye Kassie Nigussie
  • 2. Bogale 2. Bogale Worku
Keywords: Newborn Care Corner, Neonatal resuscitation, Asphyxia


Introduction: In 2005, a quarter of all child deaths in Ethiopia happened in the neonatal period, with one quarter of them caused by perinatal asphyxia. The proportion of neonates receiving essential newborn care, including basic life support was alarmingly low. In response to this lack of care, a new and innovative Newborn Care Corner approach was established. The primary objective of establishing a NBC near the labor and delivery room of health centers and primary hospitals was to ensure that all steps of essential newborn care are provided as one clinical bundle to all neonates, including resuscitation of asphyxiated neonates within the first few minutes of life.

Objective: To assess the impact and feasibility of the NBC approach,

Methods: One hundred resuscitation units were locally manufactured and piloted in 100 health facilities.

Results: The pilot demonstrated that health workers could effectively resuscitate neonates and save more than 95% of asphyxiated babies in their respective facilities. As a result, Ethiopia procured approximately 2,000 standard neonatal resuscitation units to move toward full-scale national implementation.



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