Do Caretakers of Sick Young Infants with Possible Serious Bacterial Infection Adhere to Referrals from Health Posts to Health Centers?

  • Yunis Musema Abdella
  • Abeba Bekele
  • Bereket Mathewos
  • Yenealem Tadesse
  • Stephen Wall
  • Heather Gardner
  • Mary V. Kinney
  • Lara M. E. Vaz
  • Ayele Belachew Aschalew


Introduction: A well-functioning, responsive referral system relies on patient compliance in order to address newborn health problems that cannot be managed by lower level health facilities. Given that early identification and management of young infants with possible serious bacterial infection is fundamental to community-based newborn care.

Objective:Thispaper presents the findings of an assessment ofadherence to referral.

Methods:Usinga cross-sectional design with mixed qualitative and quantitative methods in five zones in two regions this study looked at sick young infants (0-2 months) whose caretakers sought care for them from a health post and who were classified with possible serious bacterial infectionin the 12 months prior to the study. We reviewed clinical records of possible serious bacterial infectioncases at health posts and health centers and conducted interviews with caretakers of referred possible serious bacterial infection cases and health workers.

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