Dr A Rocking Child: Infantile Masturbation in a three-year-old girl


  • Shiferaw Negash Addis Abeba University
  • Dr Addis Ababa University, CHS


Rocking child, Infantile masturbation.


Gratification behavior considered taboo and highly stigmatizing as it is rarely discussed openly in Ethiopia, a highly conservative society. This response is especially encountered when it occurs in a very young girl and may thus call for a visit to the religious healers for ‘spiritual intervention’ and prompt female genital cutting/mutilation to reduce the child’s libido and the presumed risk of sexual promiscuity as she gets older. Because of its rarity and peculiar presentation in children without manual genital stimulation, it is often misdiagnosed. A Medline search showed sparse information on gratification disorder and none from Ethiopia.

Author Biography

Shiferaw Negash, Addis Abeba University

Department of Gynecology & Obs, Addis Abaab University, Collage of health Sciences, Addis Ababa Ethiopia


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