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Background: Ultrasound is one of the non-invasive methods for fetal sex determination and with its introduction visualization of the fetal genitalia has become possible.  Although mainly fetal sex determination is done for parental curiosity it has also some clinical implication. Accurate prenatal Estimated Fetal weight in late pregnancy and labor is extremely useful in management of labor


Objective: the study was conducted to assess accuracy of ultrasound in fetal sex and weight determination in 2nd & 3rd trimesters when it is performed by those with lesser experience and exposure


Methods: perineal US of the fetus was done on 600 pregnant women with GA of 16 weeks-to-term. Complete data and information was available in only 550 of the study participants. For fetal weight accuracy study, 235 mothers with gestational age of ≥ 38weeks were included. The sex & weight was confirmed at the expected time of delivery through phone calls and for some by revising their medical cards.


Results: Out of 570 fetuses ultrasound determined the sex for 527 (92.5%); 287 of whom were female and 240 were male. Overall accuracy was 84.92%. Accuracy for females was 91.63% and for males was 92.08%. Accuracy of ultrasound fetal weight estimation for those with GA>38wks was 85.5%.

Conclusion: Ultrasound is an accurate method to determine the fetal sex and weight even when performed by those less experience and exposure. The over estimation of LBW (Low Birth weight) and under estimation of macrosomia found in ultrasound weight estimation should be given due attention

Author Biographies

tesfaye Kebede legesse, AAU

Body imaging subspecialist

Department of radiology

Addis a baba university

Yasimin Hashim Ahmed, Alert Hospital


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