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                In forensic practice as well as in football players, there is a growing need for accurate methods of age estimation.

 Age can be estimated through somatic features that are universally considered associated with chronological age. Unfortunately these features do not always coincide with the real chronological age for these reasons that age determination is often very difficult.

Our aim is to evaluate accuracy of skeletal age estimation using Tomei’s MRI method in subjects 12-19 yrs old.


       MRI images of the left wrist of 90 females and 86 males, without chronic disease or developmental disorders, among adolescents aged  12 to 19years were analyzed.

      A 1.5Tesla MRI scanner was used for the study. 

      Skeletal maturation was determined by the principal Investigator in blinded fashion to the chronological age using Tomei’s MRI atlas.

 Bland-Altman plots were used to determine mean differences between skeletal and chronological age.


     Bland –Altman analysis demonstrated that the differences between chronological and skeletal age are not significant.

Spearman’s correlation coefficient showed good correlation between skeletal and chronological age both in females(spearman’s rho=0.952) and in males(spearman’s rho=0.955)

Pearson’s coefficient also showed a good linear correlation for (females=0.955 and for males=0.951).


Our result showed that MRI skeletal age has good correlation with chronological age and the Tomei’s MRI atlas method may assume an important role in forensic age estimation, as MRI does not use ionizing radiation and is fundamentally more accurate than x-ray due to its high contrast resolution.

Keywords:- Age estimation, MRI, forensic.

Author Biography

etenesh tewolde tesfahunegn, Saint Paul's Hospital Mellinium Medical College
Dr Etenesh Tewolde Tesfahunegn, Assisstant Professor of Radiology, Musculoskeletal and Body Imaging Radiologist, Saint Paul's Hospital Mellinium Medical College.


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