Patterns of abdominal ultrasound findings in HIV/AIDS patients in Black Lion Hospital


  • tesfaye Kebede legesse AAU
  • Zufan wolde
  • assefa getachew kebede Body imaging subspecialist Department of radiology Addis a baba university
  • Daniel admassie


Background: HIV infection is a major public health concern worldwide. This cytopathic retrovirus destroys the immune system that leads to opportunistic infections and tumors. Various organs of the body may be affected, leading to a variety of clinical presentations. Radiology plays an important role in the management.  Not many papers have focused on this role in Ethiopia and little attention has been given to the use of ultrasound in the evaluation of patients with HIV/AIDS.

Materials and Methods: institutional based prospective cross sectional study of 111 HIV/AIDS patients who presented for abdominal ultrasound to the Department of Radiology, Black Lion Hospital, from November 2015 to July 2016

Results:   The most common finding was hepatomegaly found in 50(45.5%). Other findings were hyperechoic (fatty) liver in 26(23.4%), splenomegaly in 31(27.9%), lymphadenopathy in 13(11.71%) and ascites in 11(9.91%). Gallbladder and biliary ductal and renal findings were uncommon in this study.

Conclusion:  The findings in this study demonstrate that a myriad of ultrasonographic abnormalities can appear in the abdomens of HIV/AIDS patients. These sonographic abnormalities are non-specific to a particular pathogen or disease entity.  However, such findings in the right clinical context and laboratory evaluation will help clinicians to arrive at a diagnosis, leading to better patient care and management.

Author Biography

tesfaye Kebede legesse, AAU

Body imaging subspecialist

Department of radiology

Addis a baba university


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