Inability to swallow tablets offers an opportunity for detection and successful treatment for a rare lifetime cause of Dysphagia


  • Hailemichael Desalegn Mekonnen St. paul's Hospital Millenium Medical College
  • Hari Conjeevaram


Background: This case presents an adult who was diagnosed with viral hepatitis C and offering treatment provided an opportunity for diagnosis and therapy of a previously unrecognized long-standing cause of dysphagia. Case Presentation: A 37-year-old female presented with a diagnosis of HCV and antiviral was prescribed. However, the patient claims to have difficulty swallowing tablets for the last 30 years. A barium swallow showed a normal study. EGD revealed a proximal esophageal web that was then treated endoscopically. Conclusion: A high index of suspicion is important to persuade for an endoscopy procedure in the undiagnosed long-standing cause of dysphagia.


Author Biography

Hari Conjeevaram





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