• Ermias Shenkutie Greffie University of Gondar
  • Taddese Mitiku University of Gondar
  • Seid Getahun University of Gondar


Purpose : Even though atrial fibrillation  is a common risk factor of stroke which contributes to poor outcome, data concerning this association is scarce in African countries. This study assessed the prevalence of confirmed atrial fibrillation and its effect on outcome in stroke patients admitted to University of Gondar Hospital.

Methods: A Hospital based cross-sectional study by record analysis was done from December 2014 to February 2015. All adult stroke patients with documented head CT scan and ECG results admitted to university of Gondar hospital during June 2010 to May 2013 were included. Relevant data including sociodemographics, type of stroke, and presence of atrial fibrillation was collected from patient charts using a data extraction form.

Results: A total of 94 patients with mean age of 67.4±12.4 years and Female to male ratio of 1.13:1 were analyzed. The prevalence of AF was 28.7%. It occurred in 34% and 14% of ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes respectively. The in hospital case fatality of stroke associated with and without atrial fibrillation was 22.2% and 8% respectively while the rate of improvement at discharge was 34% and 68% respectively. Atrial fibrillation was associated with a low rate of improvement at discharge (OR= 0.28 CI: 0.1-0.78).

Conclusion: Atrial fibrillation is common in stroke patients in our hospital, especially in the elderly population. It is associated with low rate of improvement at discharge. Appropriate screening and treatment of atrial fibrillation is invaluable for the primary and secondary prevention of stroke.

Keywords: cerebrovascular accident, cardiac disease, electrocardiography, anticoagulation

Author Biographies

Ermias Shenkutie Greffie, University of Gondar

Assistant professor, Department of Internal Medicine

Taddese Mitiku, University of Gondar

Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine

Seid Getahun, University of Gondar

Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine


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