• Yazezew Kebede Kiros Internal medicine and Gastroenterology
  • Beniam Tsegay
  • Hagos Abreha


Background: Gastrointestinal endoscopy service in Ethiopia is mainly limited to the capital city Addis Ababa. The service started in Ayder referral hospital, Mekelle, in 2011 after two physicians obtained six weeks unstructured, on-site training where each of them was able to perform only 20 supervised procedures. The major objective of this study was to determine the pattern of endoscopic findings of diseases in our endoscopy practice at Ayder referral hospital.

Methods: The study design was a facility-based retrospective cohort study. The endoscopy registry was interrogated retrospectively and analyzed using descriptive statistics.

Results: A total of 2,486 patients’ endoscopic examinations were included in the study. Upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy totalled 1,994 and 492 procedures, respectively. Seventy four percent of colonoscopies and 58.7% of esophago-gastroduodenoscopies (EGD) were performed on male patients. The mean, minimum and maximum age of the study subjects was 40, 1 and 94 years of age respectively. The common EGD findings were erythema of gastric mucosa in 489 (24.5%), varices in 253 (12.7%), gastric cancer in 188(9.4%), peptic ulcer disease in 176 (8.8%) and gastroesophageal reflux disease in 96 (4.8%). The common colonoscopic findings were colorectal cancer in 114(23.2%), non-specific erythema of colonic mucosa in 78 (15.9%) and internal hemorrhoids in 37(7.5%).There was a poor correlation (0.5-57.7%) between clinical and endoscopic diagnosis; however, endoscopic diagnosis showed significant correlation (73%-100%) with histological diagnosis.

 Conclusion: Our findings are in agreement with those of other similar cohort studies. Hence, endoscopy service in such a resource-limited setting may be expanded by giving short-term, unstructured, onsite training to physicians.

Key words: Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Ayder Referral Hospital, Mekelle University, histological, clinical, diagnosis


Author Biographies

Yazezew Kebede Kiros, Internal medicine and Gastroenterology

Assistant professor

Mekelle University

School of Medicine

department of Internal medicine 

Beniam Tsegay

Assistant professor

Mekelle University

School of Medicine

department of Pathology


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