• Tola Bayisa Tolessa Saint Paul's Hospital Millennium medical College
  • Amsalu Bekele Binegdie addis ababa university
  • Endale Kassa addis ababa university
  • charles sherman brown university, USA
  • Jane Carter Brown university, USA
  • Neil Schluger Columbia university
  • Otto Schoch Zurich university


Foreign body aspiration is a worldwide health problem and often associated with life threatening complications. A high index of suspicion and careful history taking are important as symptoms can be non-specific and easily overlooked. There are no specific tests for diagnosis although chest imaging can be useful. Flexible bronchoscopy is often needed for diagnosis and treatment; however, rigid bronchoscopy may be necessary in certain situations. We report the case of young woman who accidentally aspirated an unusual sharp foreign body, requiring both flexible bronchoscopy and gastroscopy for ultimate removal.


Key words: Bronchoscopy,foreign body aspiration,hijab pins


Author Biographies

Tola Bayisa Tolessa, Saint Paul's Hospital Millennium medical College

internal medicine

Amsalu Bekele Binegdie, addis ababa university

internal medicine

Endale Kassa, addis ababa university

internal medicine

charles sherman, brown university, USA

pulmonary critical care division

Jane Carter, Brown university, USA

pulmonary/critical care medicine division

Neil Schluger, Columbia university

pulmonary critical care division

Otto Schoch, Zurich university

pulmonary critical care division


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