• Emebet Dendir School of Public Health, St Paul Millennium Medical College
  • Negussie Deyessa Department of Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health, Adiss Ababa University


Introduction: There are limited up-to-date studies addressing the relationship between intimate partner violence and birth outcome among women in Ethiopia. This study was, therefore, conducted to examine the association between intimate partner violence during pregnancy and birth weight of newborns.

Methods: The study employed a facility-based case control design and conducted in pregnant women who gave birth in public Hospitals in Addis Ababa during March-June 2014. The study used a pre-tested questionnaire to collect data through face-to-face interviews. Exposure to intimate partner violence and other explanatory factors were examined in a total of 112 neonates with low birth weight and235 neonates with normal birth weight. The data were analyzed using bivariate and multivariable regression analysis.

Results: The proportion of physical violence by partner was 33.9% among cases and 17.4% among controls, and sexual violence was 41.1% and 18.7% among cases and controls, respectively. After adjusting for socio-demographic factors, obstetric conditions and substance use, the odds of experiencing physical violence (AOR=8.11; 95% CI; (1.92, 34.3)), sexual violence (AOR=6.02; 95% CI; (1.77, 20.5)), and physical or sexual violence (AOR=5.18; 95%CI;(1.53, 17.6)), by intimate partner was significantly higher among cases compared to controls.

Conclusion: Low birth weight is strongly associated with intimate partner violence during pregnancy. We recommend health professionals providing antenatal care services to engage spouses to ensure their understanding and involvement in

the prevention of intimate partner violence.

Key words: IPV, Low birth weight, Physical, Sexual Violence.


Author Biographies

Emebet Dendir, School of Public Health, St Paul Millennium Medical College

Assistant Professor

Negussie Deyessa, Department of Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health, Adiss Ababa University

Associate professor, SPH, AAU


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