• Teshale Lodamo
  • Abiy Worku
  • Tilahun Desta
  • Tariku Shimelis
  • Natan Wondwossen Elssa


Background: Femoral shaft fractures represent the most common pediatric orthopedic injury that requires admission to the hospital. The epidemiology of femur shaft fractures is well described in literature from developed countries. However, abundant studies are not available on pediatric femur shaft fractures in resource-limited areas like the sub-Saharan Africa.

Objective: To determine pattern of pediatric femur shaft fractures at Addis Ababa Burn Emergency and Trauma Hospital.

Methods: Institution-based retrospective cross-sectional study was used. All cards of pediatric patients with femur shaft fractures, who were treated between September, 2015 and August, 2018 were reviewed.  Cards with incomplete data were excluded. Data abstraction format was applied to collect data. The data was then entered and analyzed using SPSS version 20.0.

Result: Ninety one patients who had femur shaft fractures were reviewed in the study. Males were 67(73.6%). The most commonly affected age group was 6-12 years in 40(44%); the mean age being 8.8 years. Majority of the fracture were due to fall (41.8%). Most fractures occurred in June to August (36.3%). Left side was involved in 45(49.5%) cases. Eighteen patients (19.8%) had associated injury; head injury being the commonest, 7(38.9%). Closed fracture was the commonest type 84(92.3%). Traction followed by spica was the commonest treatment modality (28.6%). The mean length of hospitalization was 15.3 days.

Conclusion: The most affected age group was 6-12 years. Fall accidents predominated as the etiology. Most of the fractures were closed type. Conservative management was mostly used.

Key Words: Pediatric, femur shaft, fracture, pattern


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